As quoted by Sir Albert Einstein, “I am convinced that he does not play dice.” The belief that the fortune and the destiny and the working of the time is all planned and written maybe what not? Whatever occurs or happens they blame him. The fact that they then once laughed his existence and now […]

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Bits of paper

Found they are, torn-apart disgusted and unshaped. The beam of hope as it loses its path-way. Leaving behind trails of suspicion in the human mind. As broken as the soul who knows about the pieces, The waves of words that touched him and got his heart into two. Questioning his own conscience, why did you? […]

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Open letter to self

Dear self, I know the fact that your wild imagination can make you touch stars. You need those eyes in which you can sink and get drowned by the waves, they radiated in your mild soul. Your mild soul, on the other hand wants to breathe rough air. You want to jump from hilarious heights […]

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No world

Stop all those unnecessary quarrels, Go and watch the pink of spectrum that covers the blue before the superpower sun goes to sleep. Ignore all those unwanted chaos, Go near a river-bank and watch the birds as they fly forming a pattern that will surely soothe your eyes. Say no to all the disastrous wars […]

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Sometime. Someday. Somewhere She longs for pleasures of solitude. She wants to walk through the path of fire and feel the bitter warmth. She wants to sink in profound oceans where no creature can search. She wants to rise high so that she can feel the slight layers of air rush through her shoulders. She […]

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For those who wish to wander.

Dear wanderers, For all those who are willing to or wish to wander, this is to ensure that you are not alone. I can very basically understand the idea of your way of breathing. That desperate urge of within to roam the world and never stop, bags always packed so that any minute you can […]

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