Open letter to self

Dear self,

I know the fact that your wild imagination can make you touch stars. You need those eyes in which you can sink and get drowned by the waves, they radiated in your mild soul. Your mild soul, on the other hand wants to breathe rough air. You want to jump from hilarious heights and float beneath the layers of air. You want to be alone, solve all the spellbinding theories and principles that have kept your brain restless, then and now.

You want to be the light in someone’s life but you are scared that your light cannot be left faded forever if the hands were improper. You want a companion who always figures out your lost tacenda and brings you back from your world that you always executed.

Just as you keep talking and start to weave your stories of fascination.

Fairytales, adventures of living in a forest, parallel universe,  your elemental love. Your ultimate tool for survival is Ignorance.

Remember, falling in love might be easy but always going with the flow and forever promises can be hard, that jumping from heights is simple but watch out if you land down safely, that sinking is natural but your way out is up to you, that getting lost in interpretations is usual but passing out of that labyrinth would be tricky, that even the light of life travels in a direct, particular path and does not stand still in a place ever.

The divine spherical world revolves and you should too, evolve.

Evolve and become your own story of fascination. Your life of breath is a tale itself.

Lastly note this that,

No matter if how the air around you is,

flourish, a flower when the winds are gay,

turn, a rock, when the air is low or full of fire.

– Lots of love



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