No world

Stop all those unnecessary quarrels,

Go and watch the pink of spectrum that covers the blue before the superpower sun goes to sleep.

Ignore all those unwanted chaos,

Go near a river-bank and watch the birds as they fly forming a pattern that will surely soothe your eyes.

Say no to all the disastrous wars of life,

Go watch the ocean waves and the high tides that mourn and make you feel attracted in them rather than inhumanity.

Forget about the feelings of jealousy,

Go and search for the fact that the Sun, Earth and other divine Lords never fought for proving whose more superior.

Shake a goodbye to all the worries,

Go and sink in the dark black hole of your soul and dissolve all your mass that’s full of it.

If you stopped, ignored, refused, walked away, let go,

You are in the black hole, not of the Universe but your own soul. And there’s no world that can seem to be eating you up.

It’s you, Moments turning into Memories.


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