For those who wish to wander.

Dear wanderers,

For all those who are willing to or wish to wander, this is to ensure that you are not alone. I can very basically understand the idea of your way of breathing. That desperate urge of within to roam the world and never stop, bags always packed so that any minute you can jump over or walk in aimlessly where you wish to. You wish to close your eyes and sink in the melody of the music that’s playing in your headphone and you try to feel the flow of the air through your cheeks and arms spread like a bird. And the waves of words that can be seen everyday in your scrap describing every sight that you encountered and such a sight that touched your fierce yet delicate soul. You always moved apart.

Apart from the way your loved ones are living. Apart now that you are, you want to experience pain and pleasure. Pain, that nothing in your life can be forever and pleasure that there’s nothing more good than being alone and clueless about the next minute or even know if you still have moments.

And then that you erase off all the trails of your sorrows, you want to feel nothing.

It is like your body is no more bound under any ever-growing force and that all the mass of your body running down in no air. Those are only the moments that you feel no weight, no thoughts, just free and that’s when you experience a kind of pleasure that you never did and life on Earth feels to be successful

The theory of wandering is very much profound and few live by it’s principles and the ones who dare, are much lucky for their own self as they never tried to hand over their lives in someone else’s.

So lastly, I would end up saying that do not fear anyone, this passage of breath and time is yours, it is always going to be up to you how you evolve yourself. The choice is in your little palms whether your soul blossoms like a flower bud or you leave it to turn into a rock.

                                                                                                                                    -a wanderer.


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